Welcome to St Michaels Without

Following the way of Jesus, in the city.

First and foremost St Michael’s is a church made up of ordinary people trying their best to follow Jesus. We aspire to be a serving, loving, engaging, inspiring, hospitable, honest, praying and worshipping group of people. We don’t agree about everything, and we don’t always get it right, but we still seek to encourage each other to follow the Jesus who unites us and who is transforming our lives. We believe that transformed lives can transform the world.

What do we believe?

At St Michael’s Without we are passionate about people. We believe we are called as a Church family to become more sensitive and responsive to the presence of God amongst us, and this informs our dreams for our beautiful city of Bath. We want to see our society brought back to life through the presence of God – and we entirely recognise this can only really be done through people who love Jesus.

We are thoroughly committed to seeing our community renewed socially, spiritually and culturally with the gospel of Jesus.

‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’
Psalm 139: 13

We believe that God knows that each of us exists because God exists to create and give life. Furthermore we believe God has a destiny and a purpose for each of us. Jesus told his followers that God even knows the hairs on our heads.