In baptism, we thank God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledge his love. It marks a new start: a decision to follow Jesus within the family of the Church. In the Anglican Church it is common to baptise young children; this is sometimes known as christening; but teenagers and adults may also be baptised
Baptism is a ‘sacrament’ – a visible sign of God’s love for us – that is traced back to Jesus himself being baptized in the river Jordan.


You do not have to be a regular church-goer to have your child baptised but the ceremony is a commitment to faith so we would encourage parents and children to attend services here fairly regularly for around six months. You are very welcome to discuss this with a member of our Ministry team.

Some people want to let their child make their own decision about faith, or are less sure about committing to the church. In these cases you may prefer a service of Thanksgiving instead, where we join together to give thanks for the gift of a child.