On his consecration as Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Rt Revd Peter Hancock was charged by Archbishop Justin Welby ‘to help the diocese to discern what our calling is, what our vision is and to discern together what it is that God is calling us to be and to do.’

“Prayerful discussion and consultation with people throughout the diocese confirmed the need to be more intentional and missional in our use of all that God has given and entrusted to us. We will only deliver this vision if all of us across the diocese work together under God to help make this happen. I invite you play a role in helping make this vision a reality.” Rt Revd Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Bishop Peter’s work on ‘Shaping our Future’ began during his first year which he spent visiting parishes and listening. The diocesan vision and priorities have been further developed in the last year, with the input from people, clergy and lay, from across the diocese.

To view Bishop Peter talking about the vision please click here:   A new vision for Bath and Wells

Gracious God, may your Holy Spirit guide us into the future.

Help us, throughout the diocese, to show uninhibited reliance on your grace and power as we seek the renewal of our lives.

Give us courage, rigour, imagination and generosity in order that your kingdom may come and your abundant life be known by all. Amen