Bath Street Pastors are recruiting now. Have you considered joining our dedicated teams of Street Pastors out and about on the streets of Bath?

Every Friday and Saturday night, teams of Street Pastors patrol our city centre, meeting people where they are and responding to their needs. Giving a blanket to someone sleeping rough … a casual conversation – or a lengthy chat … helping young people after a night out – just some of the ways in which Street Pastors make a difference. We’re not there to evangelise – but  there are numerous opportunities for conversations about faith, and sometimes, for prayer.

Could you help us, serving once a month as part of a team? If you would like to know more there are probably current serving Street Pastors in your church. They will be happy to tell you more or take you out as an Observer. Alternatively contact Dennis Pearson or Angela Jameson at
The next training will take place at Manvers Street Baptist Church in Bath in March and April. We would love to see you there.